3 Major Mistakes That Can Cause Mishap On Moving Day

Moving house is an extremely stressful event, but often it is made even more stressful by silly mistakes that could have been avoided. Below are three of the most common mistakes people make when moving home and what you can do to stop them from happening to you:

1. Overloading the Van

One of the most common mistakes people make when moving home is packing too much stuff. Under the stress of relocating, many people pack away items that will never be used again. Perhaps it's because they attach unnecessary emotion to items, or perhaps because they genuinely believe they need it all, but the underlying problem remains the same – it won't all fit in a removal van!

Of course, you can choose to do numerous trips if you need to; however, this can be tiresome when moving to your new property. Furthermore, you have to find room for all of this stuff, which can be pretty stressful when it comes to unloading your van.

The best way to avoid this problem is to really scrutinize the items you're packing and be honest about whether you truly need it or not. Yes, 80s fashion may come around again and you could find a use for your old pink leotards; however, chances are you won't be wearing them to your next yoga class, so toss them out! Being vigilant during the packing process will save you nightmares when you arrive at your new property.

2. Failing to Prepare Your Family

Preparation is key when it comes to moving home, and this is particularly true if you have a family to look out for. Despite your best efforts, you are going to be under a great deal of stress and anxiety on moving day, so why transfer this tension onto your children? If you have young children under the age of eight or so, consider offloading them to a relative or close friend whilst you and your partner crack on with the logistics of moving home. Not only will it ensure they don't get caught up in the stress of it all, but it will avoid placing you under the additional pressure of dealing with an unhappy child on moving day. If this isn't possible, consider involving them in the moving process to take their mind off of things and keep them busy.

The same is true for pets; if you have a large family pet, such as a cat or dog, offload them to a friend or relative on moving day. Cats and dogs can sense anxiety in their owners, which, in turn, will cause them to become overexcited as well. Add in the regular breaks you would have to take to walk and feed them, and you have a recipe for a very stressful moving day! The best way to avoid this is to simply remove the potential problem before it occurs; just remember to return for them once you've finished unpacking!

3. Miscalculating the Supplies Required

This is easy to do. Everyone, at one time or another, has stocked up on cardboard boxes and rolls of sellotape, only to find that their best estimates weren't even close to requirements. It may not seem like a big problem – you can always just pick up more, right? While this is of course true, the frustration and sheer panic that can arise when you realise you're out of stock can add a severe amount of stress when moving home.

So, of course, the only solution is to be very conservative when it comes to buying your supplies! A good rule of thumb is to take the calculated number of supplies and add 50%. This give some wiggle room in case something goes severely wrong on moving day. And, as you may already know, it usually does! Broken boxes and empty sellotape rolls are the bane of a home mover's life, so make sure you plan for this well in advance.

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