How To Protect Your Valuable Furniture During A Move

Furniture can be quite vulnerable when relocating. As such, you must protect your furniture at all costs. Failure to do so might cause damage to your expensive furniture. So, how do you ensure your furniture is protected during the entire move? Well, here are some tips you could use.

Disassemble Your Furniture

It's hard to protect your furniture if you load it into the truck whole. You might expose the furniture to scratches and knicks. So, don't be surprised if the finish of your hardwood furniture or bed gets scratched. You should protect your furniture from damage by simply disassembling it. At least disassembled furniture won't sustain damage when loading, transporting, and unloading it.

Wrap It

Never move or load furniture into a truck without wrapping it. Wrapping your furniture protects it from knocks and scratches. No matter how cautious you are, there's a possibility that your furniture will hit corners and walls as you carry it through the hallways. 

Besides, the furniture might move and hit the truck's walls while in transit. And since there is no way to prevent that, you should wrap the furniture with blankets or any other protective material. At least your furniture will arrive at your new home safely.

Avoid Moving Heavy Furniture Alone

Lifting heavy furniture might also be a problem. You not only risk damaging the furniture but also injuring yourself. Therefore, you should avoid lifting or moving furniture altogether. If possible, ask your friend to help you move it. Alternatively, you can use dollies and other equipment to move heavy furniture. The goal is to avoid dropping the furniture and injuring yourself.

Clear Your Doorways

Moving furniture requires a lot of space. As such, you must prepare all the walkways and doorways to ensure there are no obstructions. Remember that obstructions are the reasons for furniture hitting the walls and door frames. And since you don't want dents on your furniture, you should clear the doorways. 

Proper Placement

Don't assume your furniture is safe because you have followed all these tips. You must ensure that you correctly place the sofas, coffee tables, wardrobes, and all your furniture in the truck. Don't just stuff them in the truck and assume that the wrap or moving blanket will do its job. Place the furniture carefully and add an extra element of security if necessary. Ensure that you place heavy furniture at the farthest end for stability purposes.

Work With Furniture Movers

If you feel that moving furniture is challenging, you should consider hiring professional furniture movers such as Antelope Valley Van & Storage. These movers have the experience and knowledge to protect furniture during a move. They'll do everything possible to ensure your furniture is safe.