Reasons Why Moving Pool Tables Are Complicated to Move

Moving heavy furniture is not easy, but when your furniture is a pool table, you should consider hiring extra help. Pool tables are complicated to move. If you don't do it right, you can damage both the table and yourself. If you are wondering what makes pool tables difficult to move, continue reading. Here are reasons why you should consider professional movers for your pool table, even if you're only moving it to another room.

Why Is Pool Table Moving Complicated?

Pool tables are large and bulky. While some models may look light, they are not. Many pool tables have slate rock in them. This rock is not only heavy but can be easily damaged. Higher-end or antique models may also have heavy and delicate marble. If you don't move it the right way, you could damage an expensive antique. In addition, pool tables are bulky and won't fit through a standard door unless you dismantle a few pieces.

What Is Different About Moving a Pool Table?

Pool tables must have multiple people helping with the move. A single person will likely not be able to move the table at all. Most pool tables need to be disassembled just to move them to another room (some may not need this if the door is big enough). Then, you have to reassemble and level your pool table in its new location. Otherwise, it could have a slant that makes playing pool difficult. The disassembly and reassembly process can be time-consuming if you have never done it before.

How Do Movers Move a Pool Table?

When you hire a professional pool table moving company, you get movers who have a lot of experience with all kinds of tables. Pool table movers have the right tools and equipment to take apart the table and transport it to its new location or pack it up for your movers to take. They can do the job quicker and more efficiently than one or two people on their own. Some of these specialized movers can also reassemble and level your table at your new place.

Moving a pool table is not the same as moving other pieces of furniture. To do the move properly, you have to take your time and get other people to help. Experienced pool table movers do an excellent job moving this unique piece of furniture. They can help keep your table in perfect shape even reassemble it for you to make it playable again. For more information, contact a local pool table moving company, such as game room enterprises, to learn more.