How To Ensure You Have An Accurate Moving Quote

Planning on having movers handle your next move? If so, you may be getting quotes from several companies to compare. Unfortunately, these are all just quotes and not final bills. Since most residential movers are based on how long they take or the amount of stuff that you have, you won't know for sure what the final cost will be until the move is finished. Here are some tips to make sure that your moving quote is as accurate as possible.

Get A Moving Quote In Person

If you really want to make sure that your moving quote is accurate, find a moving company that will give you a quote by coming out to your home to look at what you have. Seeing your belonging in person will be much more accurate than making a quote based on how many bedrooms you have or the square footage of your home.

For example, the moving company will see if you have a particularly large item that needs to be moved up or down stairs that can take extra time, or if you simply have more items to move than what they estimate. Even things like navigating how to get out of an apartment complex can add to the time of a move and be hard to predict without seeing the place.

Be Completely Packed Before Your Moving Day

A common mistake made by many people is not being completely ready by the time their movers arrive. If you have boxes still left to pack, you could end up with movers waiting on you to finish up the packing process. Make it a goal to have everything ready the night before or else you could end up paying for it later.

Reserve Your Moving Time With Your Building

If you live in an apartment building or condo, it will be crucial that you reserve your moving day and time with management. You do not want to run into a conflict where the service elevator is in use, and your movers end up waiting for elevator access and wasting time. It's up to you to make arrangements with the management to ensure that your movers are not waiting around for other people to finish their move. Even having access to a loading dock can help things go quickly.

Looking for more ways to ensure that the quote you receive ends up being accurate? Reach out to a long distance moving company to find out what advice they can provide to you.