3 Reasons To Use Climate-Controlled Self Storage

If you need to hire a self-storage unit, then you may have to choose between a regular unit and one that has climate control. While you may not think that you need space that is kept at an even temperature in summer and winter weather, there are benefits to this. When is it a good idea to go with climate control?

1. Your Items Need Temperature Protection

If some of the things you want to put in a storage unit are sensitive to temperature extremes or fluctuations, then climate control is a good thing to have. It helps keep certain items in the best possible shape while you store them.

For example, climate control helps if you are storing things like pieces of art, musical instruments, vinyl records, or antiques. If you are using a unit to store business documents, then this also helps keep your papers in good shape.

2. You'll Store Items for a Long Time

Even if you aren't storing particularly fragile items, climate control is helpful if you'll store your stuff for a long period. While a hot spell or a cold snap shouldn't do much harm if your things are in storage for just a couple of months, repeated exposure to temperature extremes and things like humidity can cause some damage over time.

For example, wood furniture can crack in extreme cold; electronic items can get damaged if they get too hot. If mildew or mold gets the chance to grow inside your unit, then it can affect your books, documents, and family photographs. Dust will build up on your belongings over time.

If you have climate control, then all your possessions get some protection. Even if you keep them in storage for years, they are less likely to get damaged or dirty.  

3. You're Worried About Pests

Pests can be a problem in storage units. Even if a site is secure, pests can get into some units. They can sneak in through tiny gaps.

If pests do get into your storage area, then they'll cause some damage. Rodents will chew your stuff; moths will damage clothes and textiles.

Climate-controlled units are typically built to be more sealed than regular units. They need to create a tight internal atmosphere. So, they cut off accessibility for pests.

To find out more about the benefits of hiring climate-controlled self-storage space, talk to storage sites in your area.