Cluttered Closet? What You Need To Know About Self-Storage

Do you have cluttered closets? Whether your home has walk-ins or smaller-sized closets, take a look at what you need to know about the benefits of self-storage and how to use these rental units.

Why Choose an Off-Site Rental?

Closets are made to store everything and anything you don't want your family or guests to see. Even though these tiny rooms are perfect for storing clothes, shoes, accessories, sports equipment, toys, and more, they aren't hidden hoarding spaces.

An overflowing closet that you can't close or a walk-in that is completely impassable requires extra help. Instead of shifting everything from closet to closet, consider an off-site option. A rental unit gives you extra square footage to store excess items from your closet. This gives you back usable space and can help you to organize your home.

What Type of Rental Unit Do You Need?

There's no standard or universal answer to this question. The size and type of rental that works best for you depends on what and how much you need to store. One walk-in worth of clothing and accessories won't require a larger-sized storage unit. But if you have several closets and one is filled from top to bottom, you may need to choose a rental with additional square footage.

Talk to the rental facility's manager or staff about sizing a unit. This professional can help you to understand how much each unit holds and provide you with ways to estimate how much space you'll really need.

Along with the space, you may also need climate control. Leather clothing, purses, and shoes, some types of musical instruments, electronics, or other temperature and moisture-sensitive items require special treatment. These for-storage selections may warp, rot, or wear easily in excessive heat/cold or in humid/dry environments. A climate-controlled unit maintains a steady temperature and humidity level, reducing temperature and moisture risks.

How Should You Store Items from Your Closets?

Again, you won't find a standard answer to this question. If you have extra clothing to store, hang delicate or easy-to-wrinkle fabrics on hangers and use a wardrobe box. This option provides a closet-like space within the rental unit. Socks, some types of casual clothing, and puffy winter coats can go into over-sized bags or totes.

Use sealable plastic bins to store shoes, purses, stuffed toys, some types of sports equipment (such as soccer balls or baseball bats), and lighter-weight items. If you have delicate or fragile electronics or musical equipment, wrap the item in a protective cover and store it as-is or in a heavy-duty cardboard box.

For more information, contact a storage facility in your area.